Hi, I’m Dr. Flora Brown

Let me help you release the magic in your story
and embrace the beauty in your life.

I’m delighted you stopped by. I’m a publishing coach, author, speaker, and guided autobiography facilitator. I work with thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, and experts who want to write, publish, and market their books successfully.

In my work, however, I’ve discovered there are many who want to capture their life stories to share with their families and friends, but not necessarily want to publish them. This led me to create a workshop. Write Your Life Story, Two Pages at a Time,  a program where you explore carefully selected life themes.

Our lives are full of experiences, adventures, and events that shaped who we are today. Unless we write about these events, they may be forgotten or never known by our families, children, and loved ones.

In this small group workshop, we use Guided Autobiography, a semi-structured process developed by Dr. James Birren, where you complete a modified life review. 

On this site, you’ll find a wealth of information, links to blog posts and articles, many learning tools, and lots of free advice on sharing your expertise and story with the world. You can also find great tips and encouragement in my weekly blog posts about creating a happier life and writing and publishing your book. In addition to my own writing, I also share what I learn from other authors and experts as I comb the Internet looking for the best tips and resources for you. Sign up at the top of the page to get updates. Then return here take a look around.

Whether you need to publish a book, plan your book marketing campaign, stay motivated, or keep up with changes in tools and techniques, I can help. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer below to learn about my paperback and coloring book. Then ask how you can create your own trailer to promote your book.

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