20 Fun and Unique Gifts for Writers and Book Lovers

Are you looking for great holiday gifts for the writers and book lovers in your life? Here are some fun, functional, and unique gift ideas not only great for the holidays but special occasions all year round. Click the item name to get the
details and place your order. If you decide to get one of them for yourself, go right ahead. Happy Holidays!
Mug for Writer
or Book Lover  
T-Shirt for Authors
8-1/2″ x 11″
Gratitude Journal,
Daily pages 376 pages

Funny T-Shirt for Writers My Book Club
Wine Glass
Lady Macbeth’s
Guest Soap


Library Card Socks Read Between
the Wines 
Pencil Pouch
Typewriter Pencil Cup
5 piece Typewriter
Coaster Set
Oriental Rug
Book Marks

Tea Bags with
Literary Quotes





Aqua Notes
Waterproof Notepad
Cat Reading Book  Necklace                   Lap Desk 



Great Self-Care Kit for  Women Authors ShakeSpearmints


Keep Talking Necklace
I am taking notes
for my next book

Writers have rituals that include munching on their favorite snacks to keep up their energy and momentum while they work.  F. Scott Fitzgerald loved canned meat and apples, Nora Ephron could down three Krispy Kreme doughnuts in one sitting, and Julia Child favored red meat and gin.


         30 Healthy Snacks
What’s your writer’s favorite snack? Give the writer in your life a supply of her favorite munchies or a gift certificate for the store that carries them. They’ll enjoy fond memories of you every time they indulge.






Treat your writer/book lover to a massage or reflexology treatment.  Consult Groupon.com  for deals
and locations



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