The Online Version of the “Write Your Life Story Workshop” is on the Way

What is the Write Your Life Story Workshop?

Our lives are full of experiences, adventures, and events that shaped who we are today. Unless we write about these events, they may be forgotten or never known by our families, children, and loved ones. Of all the things you leave behind for your family, research has revealed that stories about our lives are the most precious to our loved ones.

In Write Your Life Story, Two Pages at a Time, you explore carefully selected life themes. In this intensive workshop, we use Guided Autobiography, a semi-structured process developed by Dr. James Birren, founding dean of USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology,  where you complete a modified life review.

This program is open to those who want to capture their life stories.

No writing experience is required, written work will not be edited or critiqued, and there is no pressure to publish finished stories.

Until now, our workshops have been held only in Southern California, but there is tremendous interest in an online version from eager students around the globe. 

How will the online version differ from the face-to-face workshop?

Participants in the online version will need a computer, a webcam, word processing software, and an email address. We will all be visible and interact with each other in the online classroom. It’s also preferable that you have high speed wi-fi and good audio. A positive attitude is a must! 

What do students do with their finished stories?

  • Most students type up their stories and give copies to their family and loved ones.
  • Others leave a copy of their stories with their wills.
  • A few students create a scrapbook with photos, recipes and other memorabilia
  • Some read their stories to create audio or video.

If you decide to publish your finished stories, I can help you with that process in a separate workshop.

In this unique program, you write from the heart on themes carefully selected for your class. The goal of the class is to encourage, support, and empower you to treasure and appreciate your life.

As your certified guided autobiography (GAB) instructor, I lead you through activities that will stimulate your memories and spark creativity and self-learning. Each week during
this 5-week workshop, you will write a two-page story at home and then read it in class. 

Then you talk about a commonly experienced life theme such as turning points in your life, your family influences, your health, and your work.  There are several questions designed to trigger your memory about your experience of this theme.

Who participates in this workshop?

This workshop is right for you if

  • you know you have a story and it’s time to tell it
  • you have put off writing your life story for a long time
  • you want to write your story, but aren’t sure how to start
  • you are at a transition in your life where you’re leaving behind the old
    and unfamiliar and heading to something new and uncertain
  • you seek the company of other like-minded people to share your story-writing experience

Got questions? Call Flora at 714-401-2261.

Your Instructor

Flora Morris Brown helps you capture your life stories. She delivers out-of-the-box insights and unique results. She is a Professor Emeritus from Fullerton College where she taught critical thinking for 20 years. She is the author of 12 books. Learn about them at on her author page at