Color Your Life Happy

Color Your Life Happy

Everyone wants happiness, but most of us experience only small snatches of short-term pleasure, while longing for lasting inner joy.

Drawing from findings of positive psychology and ancient truths, Flora Brown packs each chapter with a unique mix of practical advice, creative activities, poetry, anecdotes and colorable cartoons.
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Coloring is now socially acceptable for adults.

You no longer have to sneak into the kids’ section or “borrow” your kids’ coloring books. Best of all, slowing your mind and engaging in the repetitive motion of coloring helps you unplug from daily stress, increase mindfulness, foster relaxation, stimulate creativity, and increase self-esteem.

There are three types of activities in this book:
–30 patterns, drawings and mandalas of varying complexity,
–7 coloring pages with motivational phrases
–7 open-ended activities with space for you to write, doodle, or draw in response to a prompt. Get your copy now on Amazon here

How To Run A Successful Home Based Business

How To Start A Successful Home-Based Business



Every employee has fantasized about how much better life would be working from home. And indeed there are many benefits of running a home based business.

Having flexible hours, being able to spend more time with family, and the potential to make more money are just a few. But for a home based business to succeed there are critical questions you must ask yourself and key strategies to put in place.

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How to Get Unstuck, Regain Confidenceand Resume Following Your DreamsGetting Unstuck

Self-confidence and high self-esteem help us go after our dreams and reach our goals. Unfortunately, things we experience in life can weaken our self-confidence, cause us to feel stuck and defeated and halt our move toward our goals.

In this book you will learn ways to manage your fears and self-improvement steps to regaining self-confidence, getting unstuck and feeling motivated to resume the activities that will bring you success.

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