99 Sizzling Marketing Ideas to Make More Money

d-2  to Make More Money99-Sizzling-Marketing-Ideas-Set

Business specialists, Flora Brown and Shirley Frazier, team up in this audio series to share over 99 ways you can capture sales to boost every type of product or service business every day of the week.

This two-part series is available for purchase separately or bundled:

d-2to Make More MoneyJanuary through June

Price: $37.00 | Audio Format: MP3 | 46 minutes
Also includes a full transcription of the audio file

The99SizzlingIdeas-iPadTranscription-450x369-TransparentHear this lively 50-minute edition covering six months (January – June) of savvy marketing techniques.You’ll learn:

  • How to capitalize on little-known events that get you big sales
  • How gifts for pets keep your sales from “pawsing”
  • Why ethnic occasions are important to your marketing mix and which ones to promote
  • Which food celebrations are a big hit with corporate customers
  • How spa and pamper products make customers bubble with orders
  • Why ethnic occasions are important to your marketing mix and which ones to promote
  • How restaurants and teachers increase your income
  • What products and services encourage loyalty to keep customers coming back
  • Where to sell your products and services to “captive” audiences

And that’s not all. You’ll also hear:

  • The top businesses for lead generation and sales
  • Which colors, other than red, rekindle your love with February sales.
  • The best methods to “plant” seeds and grow relationships

(Temporarily unavailable)

d-3 to Make More MoneyJuly through December

Price: $37.00 | Audio Format: MP3 | 1 hour and 11 minutes
Also includes a full transcription of the audio file

99SizzlingIdeas-iPadTranscription-450x369-TransparentThis one-hour edition covers six months (July through December) of marketing techniques that boost your sales.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use slow-moving product to produce big sales
  • Why being associated with a social cause is an important tool to generate new business
  • How to position your marketing messages so that they complement upcoming holidays
  • Which approaches increase your income from college crowds
  • How to partner with approachable retailers and service businesses
  • Why corporations want you to speak with their employees
  • How to add useful information to your Web site that makes customers click
  • The best way to use articles to get your foot in the door
  • Which marketing tool is so incredibly affordable that you can’t order just one

And there’s more.

  • Slogans to use for customer contact and to increase sales
  • Which holiday cards make the best impact
  • When to contact the media to almost guarantee a feature story on your business

(Temporarily unavailable)

d-2to Make More Moneythebundledversion-red

Price: $67.00 | Audio Format: MP3
Part 1: 46 Minutes | Part 2: 1 hour and 11 minutes
Also includes a full transcription of the audio file


When you purchase the bundled version you’ll receive both audios featured above:

  • 99 Sizzling Marketing Ideas’ to Make You More Money, January – June
  • 99 MORE Sizzling Marketing Ideas to Make You More Money July – December.

(Temporarily unavailable)

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