How Savvy Authors Get Reviews, Readers and Ready Buyers



Many self- published authors focus on writing and publishing their books before they begin to think about sales. If you want to enjoy sales once your book is available, you must make plans from the very beginning. Here are steps you must take from the start.

A. Build your platform, tribe, or fans in multiple places

  1. Build email list
    a. give visitors a compelling reason to disclose their email addresses
    —free downloads
    b. send them interesting, valuable messages, notifications of posts related to your book topic
  2. Create and maintain a blog on your own website.
    a. publish relevant posts frequently and encourage visitors to leave comments
    b. respond to their comments
    c. visit and leave comments on other blogs with link back to your blog or book
    d. ask for prepublication partners on your website—See
  3. Build social media contacts
    a. follow those interested in your topic on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Pinterest,
    b. join groups on these sites and participate in the discussions
    c. build relationships by posting links of interest, and retweeting their posts

B. Ask beta readers for specific editing help and/or blurbs

  1. Ask your subscribers and contacts on social media.

2. Be clear on type of feedback you want and give a deadline

C. Ask reviewers and readers to leave reviews
1. Ask subscribers and contacts on social media—give book free, gift them a book, run promo

2. Ask free skilled reviewers, but please note their areas of interest

3. Buy reviews–

4. Put a request for reviews in back of your book.

5. Keep your eyes and ears open for emerging opportunities
–Santa Barbara Writers Conference Scholarship—Deadline Sat., March 9, 2015
–L.A. Public Library accepting unpublished books

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