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Welcome to Guided Autobiography Training. 

I’ll share material and content that took me years to develop and learn, including mistakes I made, tactics that increased my numbers, even the exact copy to use in all of your emails and promotional materials.

How the Guided Autobiography Training Works

There are eight three-hour classes, each of which is designed to walk you through a meticulously mapped out plan for offering your first Guided Autobiography workshop. We’ll cover everything from what content to how to conduct the workshops, finding venues, promoting your workshops, setting up payment systems, and how to lead the workshop itself.

Each week will contain corresponding resources and tools for you to download and implement – all are meticulously designed to increase your understanding of the content and accelerate your learning. Many students tell us that the tools are every bit as high-value as the content itself!

As you go through the material, remember to trust the process. I have made a meticulous and conscious effort to make this the best program of its kind. To that end, you will get the materials you will need to begin offering your own workshops. instruction you could possibly need.

SPECIAL NOTE: I would like to connect more deeply with you as you offer your first Guided Autobiography Workshop. I ask that you participate fully – and share with me the challenges and breakthroughs you are having, as well as how the material is working for you. This helps me make this an even stronger program!

To begin, click Start Here and have fun in Guided Autobiography Training.





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